Volume 7

Alkaline water modules the expression of inflammation genes: in vitro model for cancer prevention

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1681
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20209_1681

An overview of therapeutic potentials of Taraxacum officinale (dandelion): a traditionally valuable herb with a reach historical background

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1679
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20209_1679

  Topic: Complementary and alternative medicine     Category:

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Nrf2 mutation at rs6721961 and its association with Nrf2 target genes in Breast Cancer Patients with No history of Chemotherapy

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1677
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20209_1677

  Topic: Breast cancer, Molecular diagnosis     Category:

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The role of age on distant recurrence after breast conservative therapy vs. modified radical mastectomy among Iranian patients with early stage of breast cancer

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1673
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20209_1673

  Topic: Breast cancer, Surgical oncology     Category:

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Metaplastic breast carcinoma: a rare case in young breast feeding female with review of literature

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1671
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20209_1671

  Topic: Breast cancer     Category:

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Intrathoracic migration of preoperative breast localization wire: a rare case report

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1669
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20209_1669

Letter to the Editor – MYC deregulation in B-cell cutaneous lymphomas

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1636
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20207_1636

  Topic: Haematological oncology     Category:

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Letter to the Editor – ALK gene deregulation in multiple tumors

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1634
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20207_1634