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Influence of social determinants of health on timeliness to treatment for metastatic HCC and the impact of affordable care act

WCRJ 2021; 8: e2073
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20218_2073

  Topic: Gastrointestinal cancer     Category:

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Letter to the Editor – Oral microbiota, health and cancer: the dual face of the same coin in the field of the host-microbe interactome

WCRJ 2021; 8: e2075
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20218_2075

  Topic: Microbiota and cancer     Category:

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Determining the health beliefs of adults regarding colorectal cancer screening: a crosssectional research

WCRJ 2021; 8: e2053
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20217_2053

  Topic: Gastrointestinal cancer     Category:

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Identification of ATXN3 and UBE2S as prognostic markers for osteosarcoma by a regression model for integrating multiomics

WCRJ 2021; 8: e2051
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20217_2051

The expression level of T‐box transcription factor TBX2 in breast cancer and its clinical significance

WCRJ 2021; 8: e2049
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20217_2049

  Topic: Breast cancer     Category:

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Human serum fatty acid binding protein as a prognostic factor in non-metastatic breast cancer patients: disappointing findings

WCRJ 2021; 8: e2047
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20217_2047

  Topic: Breast cancer     Category:

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Fibrous dysplasia of the mandible: differential diagnosis

WCRJ 2021; 8: e2045
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20217_2045

  Topic: Head and neck cancer     Category:

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COVID-19 and tele-health, effectiveness of internet-delivered parent-child interaction therapy on impulsivity index in children with non-metastatic cancer parents: a pilot randomized controlled trial

WCRJ 2021; 8: e2043
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20217_2043

  Topic: Virus and cancer     Category:

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Methotrexate-induced toxicities in children with malignancy: a systematic review and meta-analysis

WCRJ 2021; 8: e2041
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20217_2041

  Topic: Pediatric onco-haematology     Category: ,

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