Recent improvements in in situ hybridization for the detection of HPV infections in clinical samples

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1542
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20203_1542

Hepatitis B virus infection and hepatocellular carcinoma in PLWH: epidemiology, pathogenesis and treatment

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1537
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20203_1537

  Topic: HIV and cancer     Category:

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Immunological targeting of matrix metalloproteinase-9 as a novel approach to universal cancer vaccine: characterization of anti-cancer antibodies efficacy in vitro

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1499
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20203_1499

  Topic: Immunoncology     Category:

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Robotic enucleation of a solid pseudopapillary neoplasm in a 9-year-old girl

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1502
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20203_1502

  Topic: Pediatric onco-haematology     Category:

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Knowledge, attitudes, and barriers to screening for cervical cancer among women in India: a review

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1504
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20203_1504

Effect of nutrition counseling on gastrointestinal complications in patients undergoing radiation for abdominal and pelvic cancer: a randomized clinical trial

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1506
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20203_1506

  Topic: Gastrointestinal cancer, Radiotherapy     Category:

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Trifolium pratense extract induces apoptosis and decreases nitric oxide secretion in human umbilical vein endothelial cell

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1508
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20203_1508

  Topic: Complementary and alternative medicine     Category:

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A review on genome editing by CRISPR-Cas9 technique for cancer treatment

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1510
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20203_1510

  Topic: Immunoncology     Category:

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Epstein Barr Virus related cancer in people living with HIV: a review of the literature

WCRJ 2020; 7: e1512
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20203_1512

  Topic: Virus and cancer     Category:

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