Aims and Scope

The World Cancer Research Journal offers an interdisciplinary forum for cancer research and treatment.

WCRJ publishes high impact research papers of general intent and outstanding significance and novelty in all areas of cancer: basic cancer research, cancer prevention, translational research, environment and cancer, life style and cancer, pharmacology and pharmacogenomics aspects, cancer treatments (surgical, medical, radiotherapeutic, transplantation, support/palliative care), elderly cancer patients, virus-related tumors, cancer survivorship, psycho-oncology; innovative aspects regarding diagnosis, pathology, clinical-experimental oncology.

Consequently, the scope of the Journal is to inform the scientific community about all innovative aspects regarding cancer disease.

The WCRJ is divided into different interest areas coordinated by a senior editor.

Manuscripts are revised by two or more field experts and, when accepted, are published expeditiously, generally within 12 weeks.

When a contribution is of such relevance as to significantly impact public health, authors may request FastTrack review for a rapid evaluation, in which case an editorial decision will be made within 2 weeks of submission.

The full text of the articles is free of charge on the Home page.