Matrix metalloproteinases-9 as a promising target for anti-cancer vaccine: inhibition of melanoma tumor growth in mice immunized with syngeneic MMP-9 peptides

WCRJ 2019; 6: e1421
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_201911_1421

Maternal nutrition factors and socio-economic status in childhood cancer

WCRJ 2019; 6: e1423
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_201911_1423

  Topic: Food and cancer     Category:

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Integrative Medicine in Oncology, Milan October 19th, 2019

WCRJ 2019; 6: e1400
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20199_1400

  Topic: Complementary and alternative medicine     Category:

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Complementary and alternative medicine usage and its determinant factors among Iranian patients with cancer

WCRJ 2019; 6: e1382
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20199_1382

Assessment of Glutathione-S-Transferase (GSTP1) methylation status is a reliable molecular biomarker for early diagnosis of prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia

WCRJ 2019; 6: e1384
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20199_1384

  Topic: Cancer diagnosis and molecular pathology     Category:

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Esophagus cancer geographical distribution, incidence, mortality and their world Human Development Index (HDI) relationship: an ecology study in 2018

WCRJ 2019; 6: e1386
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20199_1386

  Topic: Epidemiology, Gastrointestinal cancer     Category:

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Malignant hilar obstruction due to neuroendocrine tumor of common hepatic duct – a case report and short review

WCRJ 2019; 6: e1390
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20199_1390

  Topic: Gastrointestinal cancer     Category:

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Vaccines against HPV in people living with HIV: a review

WCRJ 2019; 6: e1348
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20197_1348

  Topic: HIV and cancer     Category:

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