Original article

Induction of apoptosis and inhibition of autophagy cell death in the human prostate cancer cell lines by Trifolium Pratens L. hydroalcoholic extract

WCRJ 2019; 6: e1232
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20193_1232

Geographic variation and secular trends of breast cancer incidence and mortality in the world

WCRJ 2019; 6: e1220
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20193_1220

  Topic: Epidemiology     Category:

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Evaluation of P14ARF, P27kip1 and P21Cip1, cell cycle regulatory genes, expression in acute myeloid leukemia patients

WCRJ 2018; 5 (4): e1186

  Topic: Haematological oncology     Category:

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The expression of the TP53 gene in various classes of acute myeloid leukemia

WCRJ 2018; 5 (4): e1178

  Topic: Molecular oncology     Category:

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The incidence and mortality of endometrial cancer and its association with body mass index and human development index in Asian population

WCRJ 2018; 5 (4): e1174

  Topic: Gynaecological cancer     Category:

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Sentinel lymph node navigation in gastric cancer

WCRJ 2018; 5 (4): e1172

  Topic: Surgical oncology     Category:

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Increased MicroRNA-362 level in malignant skin melanoma

WCRJ 2018; 5 (4): e1170

A comparative study on the prevalence and related factors of cigarette smoking in Iran and other Asian countries: results of Isfahan Cohort Study (ICS)

WCRJ 2018; 5 (4): e1168

  Topic: Cancer prevention     Category:

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“Terra dei fuochi, the starting point”. The role of prevention and complementary medicine in the clinical practice

WCRJ 2018; 5 (3): e1112

  Topic: Conference scene     Category:

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Epidemiology and population attributable fraction of melanoma to ultraviolet radiation in Asia: an ecological study

WCRJ 2018; 5 (3): e1114

  Topic: Epidemiology     Category:

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