Case report and review

Adenomatoid tumors of the testis: report of a case with a focus on histogenesis, clinico-pathologic characteristics and differential diagnoses of these rare neoplasms

WCRJ 2015; 2 (4): e606

A not so predictable case of primary orbital B-cell lymphoma: imaging findings and review of literature

WCRJ 2015; 2 (2): e514

  Topic: Haematological oncology     Category:

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Vinflunine in metastatic bladder cancer

WCRJ 2015; 2 (1): e471

  Topic: Genitourinary cancer     Category:

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CT and MRI findings of a neck intermuscolar osteolipoma: case report and review of the literature

WCRJ 2015; 2 (1): e469

  Topic: Otolaryngology     Category:

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Relapsed nodular sclerosis Hodgkin lymphoma in a patient with HIV infection

WCRJ 2014; 1 (4): e389

  Topic: HIV and cancer     Category:

Ocular toxicity in a patient with advanced GIST, treated with sunitinib. A case report

WCRJ 2014; 1 (4): e368

  Topic: Medical oncology     Category:

Adenoid cystic carcinoma of the lacrimal gland metastasizing after long follow-up to single dorsal vertebrae: a case report and review of the literature

WCRJ 2014; 1 (4): e364

  Topic: Medical oncology     Category:

A case report of dietary integration therapy based on hair mineral analysis slows the progression of multiple sclerosis. Implication for cancer prevention

WCRJ 2014; 1 (4): e349

A relapsing case of Kaposi’s sarcoma

WCRJ 2014; 1 (3): e282

  Topic: HIV and cancer     Category:

Perforated Ogilvie’ syndrome. A rare paraneoplastic manifestation of small cell lung cancer secreting ACTH

WCRJ 2014; 1 (2): e206

  Topic: Surgical oncology     Category: