Volume 9

Letter to Editor – Assessment of acute and sub-acute toxicity of olive pomace in female Wistar rats

WCRJ 2022; 9: e2425
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_202211_2425

Integrative medicine in the cancer setting: a new challenge for physicians and patients

WCRJ 2022; 9: e2405
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20229_2405

Dietary acid load and risk of gastric cancer: a case-control study

WCRJ 2022; 9: e2403
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20229_2403

  Topic: Epidemiology, Nutrition and cancer     Category:

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Overt-stage primary myelofibrosis after COVID-19 infection: a case report

WCRJ 2022; 9: e2388
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20229_2388

  Topic: Virus and cancer     Category:

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Comparison of survival and adverse effect profile in patients with esophageal cancer treated with the combination of carboplatin and paclitaxel vs. 5-flourouracil and cisplatin

WCRJ 2022; 9: e2399
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20229_2399

Oral leiomyosarcoma presenting as a recurrent hard palate mass: a case report

WCRJ 2022; 9: e2396
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20229_2396

  Topic: Head and neck cancer     Category:

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Antidiabetic treatment, obesity, and cancer risk in Algerian patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

WCRJ 2022; 9: e2394
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20229_2394

  Topic: Cancer, Epidemiology     Category:

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Oral lichen planus trismus treated with a radiofrequency device: a new instrument in the treatment of oral potentially malignant disorders?

WCRJ 2022; 9: e2392
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20229_2392

Quality of life and COVID-19 phobia of cancer patients receiving chemotherapy in a state hospital during pandemic: a cross sectional study

WCRJ 2022; 9: e2390
DOI: 10.32113/wcrj_20229_2390

  Topic: Virus and cancer     Category:

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