Volume 2 – Issue 1

Defining the better algorithm for the accurate identification of HPV status among oropharyngeal squamous-cell carcinoma. Results from a pilot study

WCRJ 2015; 2 (1): e497

  Topic: Virus and cancer     Category:

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Selected Pharmacogenetic panel test for toxicity prevention of drug-drug interactions between Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) and antiblastic chemotherapy

WCRJ 2015; 2 (1): e492

  Topic: Pharmacogenomics     Category:

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Liver resection for HCC in HIV-infected patients: a single center experience

WCRJ 2015; 2 (1): e490

  Topic: Surgical oncology, Virus and cancer     Category:

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Hepatocellular carcinoma: an overview of clinico-pathological and molecular perspectives

WCRJ 2015; 2 (1): e485

  Topic: Cancer diagnosis and molecular pathology     Category:

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Pharmacogenomics of Cytochrome P450 Family enzymes: implications for drug-drug interaction in anticancer therapy

WCRJ 2015; 2 (1): e483

  Topic: Pharmacogenomics     Category:

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Malignant hepatic tumors in pediatric patients: clinical and radiological features

WCRJ 2015; 2 (1): e481

  Topic: Pediatric oncology and onco-haematology     Category:

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Study of epigenetic alteration of the promoter region of p16, BRCA1, GSTP1 genes and sporadic breast cancer

WCRJ 2015; 2 (1): e479

  Topic: Breast cancer, Epigenetic     Category:

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Pre-operative chemotherapy for colorectal cancer with liver metastases and conversion therapy

WCRJ 2015; 2 (1): e473

  Topic: Gastrointestinal cancer, Medical oncology     Category:

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Vinflunine in metastatic bladder cancer

WCRJ 2015; 2 (1): e471

  Topic: Genitourinary cancer     Category:

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CT and MRI findings of a neck intermuscolar osteolipoma: case report and review of the literature

WCRJ 2015; 2 (1): e469

  Topic: Head and neck cancer     Category:

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