Volume 1 - Issue 4

Pharmacogenomics of Gemcitabine in the tailor-made therapy

WCRJ 2014; 1 (4): e360

  Topic: Pharmacogenomics     Category:

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GNRH analogues and its role in CRPC

WCRJ 2014; 1 (4): e358

  Topic: Genitourinary cancer     Category:

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Use of tissue microarrays in translational research

WCRJ 2014; 1 (4): e356

  Topic: Translational research     Category:

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Comment on “Head and neck squamocellular carcinoma: added role of diffusion weighted imaging”, written by Piccoli et al WCRJ 2014; 1: e285.

WCRJ 2014; 1 (4): e352

A case report of dietary integration therapy based on hair mineral analysis slows the progression of multiple sclerosis. Implication for cancer prevention

WCRJ 2014; 1 (4): e349

Comment about “Lymphomas and other cancers in HIV-infected patients”

WCRJ 2014; 1 (4): e345

  Topic: HIV and cancer     Category:

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